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Loyalty system integration into retail & mobility eco-system

Our client is regional integrated oil and gas company heavily investing in its retail, gastro, mobility, and e-commerce operation. The digital transformation and the new business technology capabilities are built on a flexible MuleSoft-powered API-led architecture

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MuleSoft's API-led connectivity approach supports the parallel capability development, where the core functionalities like customer lifecycle management and gamified rewards-based loyalty operation are surrounded by cutting-edge industry-specific features like EV charging, car-sharing, mobile payment, unattended self-service vending.

Center for Enablement (C4E) concept provides the knowledge sharing, distributed development and operation, and efficient resource allocation to enable parallel running core and out-of-the-core projects to solve dependencies, work together in a multi-project, multivendor manner, and also build a lean, transparent yet complex architecture. 

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